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The Lightness of the Spheres

In a dream

The world is suddenly darker.

The view is of a vast seemingly empty space stretching to infinity.

Inquiring figures seek to enter

asking why.

Something powerful challenges their entry.

Pawing them

Hands running over and under their clothes

Touching them

Grabbing them all over.

Pulling down their attire.

But garments newly torn or removed



Are restored.


Once raw



Ugly reminders

Fade away.

The Inquiring figures are whole once more.


Now seen within this vast space are Other figures

They have their arms full of spheres of different dark shades and patterns.

The Inquiring figures say to these Others that you are weighing down the World by holding on to so many darkly shaded patterned spheres.

But the Other figures reply

As they balance in their arms their darkly shaded patterned spheres

They have the right to hold on to what they want.

To listen to who they choose

To believe what they want

To have what they desire.

They ignore the…

The beginning of the future?

The health and economic crisis that is the coronavirus COVID-19 is just a glimpse of what the coming Climate Crisis looks like. As devastating as this crisis is it affords economies around the world a recovery investment opportunity in the future if they are forward looking enough to take it.

So in the United States should economic recovery investments that are surely coming go to airlines, oil companies, meat producers or other carbon heavy industries? If no. Then where?

“... Transportation analyst Alon Levy estimates that for about €60 billion,Germany could build a comprehensive high-speed rail network that would better connect all its major cities and make domestic air travel obsolete. …” Source: Coronavirus’s threat to the global economy — and what to do about it, by Matthew Yglesias. (

What if in the United States the bil…