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Musings about my art and this world

The collapse of a wave function has left me and you here.

From shapes with edges.

Creating forms.

To the edges becoming lines.

Creating forms.

To lines of energy.

Creating forms.

And strands of DNA.

Creating forms.

Then the vibration of Strings.

Creating forms.

A journey to understanding seems to be what life and art are all about.

The collapse of a wave function has left me and you here.

Here in this one Chaotic metaverse of unknown numbers we vie for needs and desires. Creating forms of living and beliefs that compete. Art. Life. Always changing.

What if Heaven is another Metaverse. And Hell another. Why not? 

What if the Heaven metaverse is paradise. No wants. No desires. Total worship of a deity many here call God. Praising with no end.

What if the Hell metaverse is horrid torture and mental anguish. Suffering with no end.

The collapse of a wave function has left me and you here.

Of course I am pleased I landed here on this ball of confusion rather than either of those. It suits me somehow. It makes me wonder. It makes me weep too. I have choice. I have a certain freedom. I am fortunate, and know it. I recognize there are people who are not.

The thing is there are some people who seem to want to make this verse their kind of heaven as well as those who are making it hellish. Maybe the true nature of our verse is to be the one place in the universe where we all can exist in total disharmony. If we accept the disharmony of each other and give each other the space to be.

Or maybe we here are the outcasts from some other verse. We who could not accept and obey their rules. Here we've landed, however that works, to find ourselves now up to our necks in chaos. Now live with that! 

The collapse of a wave function has left me and you here.

Or we can agree to change. After all that's what this verse is all about.


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